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A dripping tap may not seem like a huge issue. However, a constant drip from a tap leaking, no matter how small an amount can lead to a huge amount of wasted water over a period of time. Shower heads and laundry taps leaking are also potential water wasters.

DMI Plumbing can come to your home and check every tap making minor repairs where required to any fix leaking taps. We will check through and give you a full report on any problem areas. We can also make suggestions and give professional Master Plumbing advice on any new tap hardware you might need.

Leaking Taps Auckland Services

  • Leaking tap services to stop tap leaking
  • Leaking tap repair, leaking tap washer
  • Fixing leaking tap
  • Residetial mixer tap leaking and fixing a leaking mixer
  • Commercial leaking mixer taps and leaking mixer taps repair
  • Hot water tap leaking and cold leaking water tap
  • Repairing leaking taps and tap leaks
  • Leaking kitchen tap old or new
  • Leaking garden tap and outside tap leaks
  • Leaking ceramic tap
  • Wshing machine taps leaking and blocked drain repairs
  • Toilet tap leaking and toilet repair

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